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Welcome -
Thank you for your recent participation in the open enrollment of your NAIT benefit program.  The benefits have been specially designed with YOU in mind, and offer you and your family a winning combination in both levels of protection and in cost.  Below you will find some helpful information about the insurance plans you've purchased, along with valuable phone numbers and other contact information. Keep this page for future reference!
What can you expect next?
Now that your enrollment is complete, your benefit elections will be processed. Your coverage, in most cases, is effective the 1st of the upcoming month. Please allow between 10-14 days (from the 1st) to receive your policies and ID Cards. If you do not receive your materials by the 15th of the month, please contact us by e-mailing
Benefits to provide for you NOW and LATER.
Because these benefits were designed for you specially, they are intended to be there when you need them most.  As your needs change, these plans can change with you – throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to review coverage elections and request changes, increase or decrease benefit levels and add additional benefits as your needs and budget requirements dictate. To speak with an NAIT Benefits Specialist, call 833.843.6248.
Again, WELCOME from the NAIT Benefits Team. We look forward to providing you with the benefits and the service that you need and expect.
Warmest regards,
The NAIT Benefit Team
Frequently Asked Questions

When is my coverage effective?

Typically coverage is effective the 1st of the month after you enrolled. So, if you enrolled September 12th, your coverage effective date is October 1st.


How soon can I schedule a dentist or eye appointment?

Please wait until you receive your ID cards in the mail - which usually takes 10 -14 days after your effective date. If a dental emergency arises and you must schedule an appointment sooner, Humana can assist you in filing a claim form for any up front expenses you incur. For more information call 800-233-4013.


Where can I find additional information about my Humana Dental plan or to locate a network provider?

To locate a dentist go HERE then scroll down and click the "PPO" button and then enter your zip code. You can also call 800-233-4013. Additional resources and tips on dental care can be found at


Where can I find additional information about my Humana Vision plan or locate a network provider?

To locate a vision provider go HERE and then enter your zip code. 


How does my dentist (or myself) verify coverage or eligibility?

For Dental call 800-233-4013 and for Vision call 866-537-0229


How can I get a replacement ID card for my Dental and/or Vision plan?

Email us at: or call 800-233-4013


Who do I call if I have questions about my Healthcare Indemnity, Accident or Life Insurance?

Call 866-863-9753 or email


What if I miss a premium deduction?

Don't risk losing your coverage due to an unsuccessful bank deduction. Please call Piedmont Pays at: 866-254-5245. Piedmont is flexible and will work with you to get your account back in good standing.


How can I make changes, add or delete a dependent (family members) from a plan?

Call the enrollment center at 800-344-6820.

Can I keep my coverage if I should leave my current motor carrier?

Yes, simply continue your membership in NAIT and these plans are yours to keep regardless of where you work.

How do I get information on all insurance plans offered through the NAIT’s Truckers Insurance Exchange?

Visit our website or call 800-344-6820


How do I get information on the National Association of Independent Truckers?

Visit or call 800-821-8014                                                                                                                                                   

Health Insurance FAQ's

Is Healthcare Indemnity an Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance plan?

No, Healthcare Indemnity doesn't meet the guidelines of ACA-compliant and tax penalties may apply. However, for those that have found health insurance unaffordable or are paying the ACA penalty for other reasons, these plans are a viable alternative.

Are ACA-compliant health plans available?

Yes, during the next 2017 ACA Enrollment Period (11/1/16 - 1/31/17), we can provide you with a resource to help shop and enroll in an ACA-compliant health insurance plan. First, go HERE and register for an account, then call 877-270-8417 and speak with one of our licensed ACA specialists.

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