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The Evolution of Telemedicine in Transportation
Despite the healthcare overhaul, the future of medicine looks pretty bleak - at least according to doctors.
The medical landscape is changing. Today's doctors tend to be pessimistic about the future. Surveys show that in the coming years, more than 50 percent of physicians will cut back on patients seen, work part-time, switch to concierge medicine, retire, or take other steps likely to reduce patient access. Plus, add the millions of new patients being added into the U.S. healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act and the picture certainly doesn’t look good. This picture points to alarming implications for access to medical care as we know it.

However, there is a new solution already in place to this doctor access shortage - Telemedicine.
24/7/365 telephone and virtual care access to US-based physicians is becoming more commonplace in the medical industry. Studies show that up to 70% of doctor office and urgent care visits can be handled over the phone or online, therefore, saving time and money on unnecessary office visits.
Truckers being away from home for days or longer, with limited or no access to care can get a lot of mileage from a telehealth provider. In most cases, a driver with flu-like symptoms that is miles from home will probably "ride it out", possibly leading to further complications and time missed from work. With telemedicine, that driver now has quick access to care and, if needed, prescription medication potentially a few exits down the highway. That driver is on the mend immediately, and most likely, continues with no time lost from work.

Telemedicine is not designed for emergency care situations or even meant to replace your Primary Care Physician. However, telemedicine is meant to provide you better access to care, at a very inexpensive cost, in an extremely convenient manner. So for those more routine visits and care, don't take time off work to sit in a doctor’s office - already loaded with other sick patients.

Your membership in the NAIT provides you with access to a discounted telemedicine program for only $10.95/mo. You get unlimited usage and it includes your entire family with no per usage fees or co-pays. Telemedicine care is available 24/7/365, wherever there is a telephone or internet access - from home, at work, or on the road.

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