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Overdrive - Healthcare options increasing as open enrollment enters final few weeks (11/28/18)

Overdrive - NAIT re-launching Aliera Healthcare (7/20/18)

Overdrive - NAIT New Disability Insurance Plan (1/30/18)

TIE featured on Blog Talk Radio/Truth about Trucking Show (1/5/17)

Overdrive - Obamacare changes ahead, but existing system likely to hold thru 2017

Overdrive - Aliera Healthcare, a New Healthcare Option for 2017 (12/13/16)

Overdrive - Obamacare Exchanges open for round 4 (11/7/16) 

Overdrive - Life Insurance Awareness Month and guaranteed issue life insurance from NAIT (9/19/16)

Connecture, Inc. acquire leading benefits technology company, ConnectedHealth (6/7/16)

WIT e-News - The evolution of Telemedicine in Transportation (5/11/16)

Overdrive - Telemedicine: Future for non-emergency care? (3/29/16)

PR - NAIT partners with Concierge Benefits to offer telemedicine to members (3/21/16)

WIT e-News - Life Insurance and the Independent Owner Operator (2/10/16)

WIT e-News - Obamacare and the Independent Owner Operator (12/9/15)

Overdrive - Obamacare round 3 kicks off with open enrollment (10/12/15)

PR - NAIT/Medicare Marketplace to provide Medicare resource to members (10/5/15)

Overdrive - TIE Marketplace set for Obamacare, round 3 (9/3/15) 

PR - NAIT/ConnectedHealth create new benefits marketplace (9/3/14)

PR - TCA Announces Affinity Program with National Association of Independent Truckers (2/28/10)


(Telemedicine) Obamacare: You only think you're fully covered

The Evolution of Telemedicine in Transportation



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