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How does TIE work?

1. What is Truckers Insurance Exchange (TIE)?
TIE is a benefits center or "marketplace" for independent owner operators. TIE offers you health insurance from national carriers, guaranteed issue personal insurance plans, industry-related services and discounts - all designed for those on the road! TIE  is endorsed and used by members of the National Association of Independent Truckers (NAIT).
2. What is the National Association of Independent Truckers (NAIT)?
Since 1981, NAIT has provided comprehensive services, insurance programs and money-saving services designed to improve the bottom line of Independent Contractors in the trucking industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. Along with the many benefits of TIE comes membership in the NAIT - all for only $11/mo!
3. What Insurance plans are offered with TIE?
Health Insurance Plans - Private Health Plans, ACA Public Exchange Plans and Short Term Medical
Hospital Indemnity Insurance - Guaranteed Issue
Life Insurance - Guaranteed Issue up to $50,000 
Critical Illness 
Medicare Health Plans
4. What does "Guaranteed Issue" mean?
Above coverages are guaranteed to you, regardless of your medical history - so NO medical questions or exams!
5. How can TIE help you find the right health insurance?
Whether your looking for Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance or alternative options, TIE provides you with personalized help from start to finish. 
6. What is a Aliera Healthcare?
This new ACA alternative combines preventive care benefits with a Health Care Sharing Ministry for hospitalization. It's exempt from ACA penalties and is typically priced much less than traditional health insurance. For more info, watch this short video.
7. How do you apply?
Simply call a TIE Benefit Counselor. We can answer all your questions and enroll you right over the phone.
Call 800.344.6820 (Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7pm EST)
8. How do I pay monthly premiums?
Premiums are taken by automatic bank draft or a debit/card card. Premiums taken from your bank (ACH/debit) can deducted to coincide with days you're paid, so weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
9. Are insurance plans portable?
Yes, by maintaining you membership in NAIT, all plans are yours to keep. Questions about NAIT? Call 800.821.8014 
10. What additional benefits and programs come with NAIT membership?
BENEFITS or visit In an ongoing effort to support the needs of the independent truck driver, the NAIT is continuously adding new benefit programs and services. 
Email your questions to 


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